…It’s hard to explain how much we loved our experience at AWA in 1000 characters. We are snobby travelers with extremely high expectations and I could not possibly have been more impressed with the experience at AWA. Maynard, Daniel, Jawrita and Flor and Lexi made this entire trip flawless. The house is immaculate, it feels like you are the first person to stay there. This includes the outdoor area, which I thought was impossible at a beach house. The food is better than any restaurant on the island. We ate out twice and both times were a mistake, the house was way better. Maynard and Daniel were everywhere, and none of us ever needed a thing they didn’t provide quickly and with smiles. Lexi planned a flawless birthday dinner for my wife on the beach. If the house is a 10… and it is… then the staff here is a 14. I cannot wait to return.